About the band

It’s hard to believe that the new album from Melbourne three piece band Jacobs Run, is their debut release.

Listening to the album, it’s apparent that this is a band offering a mature, self-assured and polished sound – the type of music that usually only comes from bands that have really hit their stride both musically and as songwriters. But Jacobs Run isn’t your typical wet-behind-the-ears indie debut act.  The three members  - Michael Jacobs (guitars & vocals), Fabian Bucci (drums) and Peter Curigliano (bass & backing vocals) – have been playing in various bands around Melbourne for quite a few years.  In fact they’ve been in several previous bands together and it was only when one of those earlier bands folded, that Jacobs Run was born.

Rehearsals for the then anonymous band took place at Brunswick’s Wick Studios where Jacobs’ passionate and powerful songs and the band's big, melodic, catchy, rock sound caught the ear of Wick's production team. Having Wick offer to record a couple of songs provoked a creative rush from Jacobs and soon the band had a full album recorded, most of which evolved quite spontaneously in the studio. 

“To be honest - I don't think it was planned”, explains Jacobs. “There must have been something the guys at the Wick saw in the songs that they felt warranted more than just a quick fun demo. Once we started recording, it sort of grew. In fact, many of the songs were written during the recording period - so it did happen very much organically rather than as a predetermined project.” 

Jacobs Run’s music blends layers of guitar and orchestration with classic melodies to create a powerful sound with Brit-pop influences such as Oasis, Snow Patrol and Stereophonics and local Australian bands such as The  Church and Noiseworks. Perhaps surprisingly there’s another wild card in the Jacobs Run deck – the band's Italian heritage leads to an under-current of European rock. “An ever constant has been my love for European music - particularly Italian artist Eros Ramazzotti - so too Raf, I Pooh, Zucchero, Laura Pausini – all very, very orchestral - very melodic - lush beautiful production - I am lucky enough to understand the lyrics and they are very beautiful and emotional songs”, explains Jacobs. 

Jacobs Run creates music for people who believe in the power of a rock n’ roll band to be uplifting, intelligent and to mean something substantial.  Possibly that’s a product of being a little older than your typical debut artists – they’ve got the confidence and belief in each other that allows them to be honest and open – both with each other and the audience. 

“We have known each other for so long that we're always honest with each other - good or bad - and have each others back.  We’re like brothers”, comments Curigliano. 

There’s no teen angst to work out here – the trio are making music for its own sake and anything that happens beyond that is a bonus.  Maturity – when mixed with raw enthusiasm – creates exciting results

“I think as you get older, your life experiences and the breadth of music that you have been exposed to definitely has an influence on what comes out in the songs, even the way you play, and definitely the lyrics.  I definitely write different lyrics today than I would have when I was 20,” agrees Jacobs. 

Now that the band is in motion and momentum is building there’s a sense of destiny about this outfit and their music

“Some people ask why I left it so long", ponders Jacobs when asked about the band’s sudden impetus after such a long gestation.  “The reality is, I don't think I was ready 10 years ago...........it's like a light switched on in my head after we started the initial demo for this band and I knew it was time...” 

And there’s no time like the present.


Michael Jacobs 
Lead Vocals and Guitar

Peter Curigliano 
Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Fabian Bucci 
Drums and Backing Vocals