1. Superman

From the recording Jacobs Run

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I'm going to be somewhere; I'm going to be somehow; I'm going to be - someday I'm going to
be the one. Someone to take you there; someone to touch your hair; someone
to save your prayer - you know I'll be the one...

I'll be your second hand; I'll be your tin-can man; I'll be your social plan - I'll be your superman. I'll
catch a star for you. I'd break the world in two and make it all brand new if I could be with you.

This time I'm going to be somebody... this time...

In just an hour and I'll try to be there for you. In just a minute and I'll tell you what I
want to. If I'm the one you're wanting then try and understand that I'm just an ordinary man.

I'm going to be the one to tell you that, for sure, it doesn't take that much to know you're
beautiful - and we don't have to talk about it...