1. Number 5

From the recording Jacobs Run

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Did I talk too
much? Did I
laugh too loud? Did
I walk too fast or act too proud? Am I everything that I hope
I am - your shelter from the rain and doing all I can? Would you stay
with me for a thousand years, should I work it out and know
your angels are here to walk away with you to your other
world - where your spirit burns now and ever?

I want to pick you up. I don't want to let you
down. Forever I want to let you know
that whenever the time, wherever you
need, I promise I'm going to love you.

I'm going to pick you up, I'm not going to
let you down. I'll tear it all
apart and burn it up somehow.
Then will you stay
with me for a million years?
Until the end of time?

I'm going to set
you free...